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History of Caribbean Stud Poker

Caribbean Stud Poker first appeared in the late 1980's. There is some debate as to where exactly the game first appeared. Some say Caribbean Stud Poker first appeared on cruise ships plying the waters of the Caribbean. Other believe that the game first appeared in a Dutch casino 'The King International' now called the 'Excelsior Casino' located in Aruba. In either case the creator of the game remains unknown to this day as does the reason behind the creation of the game. Perhaps it was as simple as being able to offer a special game that no one else had, whatever the reason was the game has become a favorite of many.

Although generally the odds are less than favorable for the players (5.26% house advantage) this game became a hit with players and eventually it worked its way back to Las Vegas, Atlantic City and other US based casinos. Because the house edge was higher than most players were used to the casinos had to offer something more to entice players to play. This enticement took the form of a Progressive Jackpot Bonus. This provided an added incentive for players to start playing, as well as a reason to continue to come back to the table.

Perhaps one of the reasons the game has become so popular in it's short life span is the simple rules, and game structure. The game itself seems to be a blend of Poker and Blackjack. Like Blackjack it is played at a casino table, the players play against the dealer and not the other players. The poker aspects of the game include the hand values used and the determination required by the player whether to continue to play the hand dealt and attempt to beat the dealers hand or to fold the hand and cut your losses. The wagering aspect of the game seems to be an elegant blend of Blackjacks simple wagering structure and Poker's ante and raise aspects.

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