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Poker Hands

Knowing your poker hands in Caribbean Stud Poker may not be as vital as it is in other Poker games, but it is still important to know how each hand ranks. Being able to recognize the different poker hands and how they rank will help you in deciding if you should fold or raise is Caribbean Stud Poker. Having this skill will also help you recognize when you have a hand that qualifies for the Progressive Jackpot. It is important to know when your hand qualifies for the Jackpot because it is possible for the dealer to miss the fact that your hand qualifies for the Jackpot and scoop up the cards.

Below you will find a ranking of poker hands from the strongest hand to the weakest hand for Caribbean Stud Poker.

  Royal Flush:

The best hand in poker and one hand you will want the dealer to have a qualifing hand. This hand will get you a 200:1 payoff and 100% of the Jackpot. If you get this hand start praying for the dealer to qualify.
  Straight Flush:

There is only one hand stronger that this Straight Flush. Turning this card over with when the dealer qualifies will get you a payoff of 50:1 and a 10% stake of the Jackpot.
  Four of a Kind:

With this hand you will likely hear some whistles when you turn over the cards. Not only is this a great hand but you'll be getting $500 from the Jackpot.
  Full House:

This hand is a strong hand but it is getting harder to make these hands. This hand is typically worth $100 of the Jackpot's prize money.

This hand is located at about the middle of the pack. This is a fairly strong hand that is hard to get. This is also the first hand that qualifies the player for the Jackpot. Typically worth $50.

This hand consists of 5 cards in a consistant run. The suit doesn't matter for this hand.
  Three of a Kind:

This hand consists of three cards of the same value and two differently valued cards.
  Two Pairs:

A hand consisting of two seperate sets of pairs. In this case a pair of nines and a pair of Queens.

This hand consists of a single pair of cards. They can be of any value from 2 through Ace. In the event of another player having a pair, the hand with the high card wins.
  High Card:

This hand is the weakest hand in any poker game. The highest card is the only card of value in this hand.
  Qualifying Dealer Hand:

This is the minimum hand that the dealer must get to qualify in Caribbean Poker. If the dealer has this hand then the players hands are paid out according to the pay table.
  Non-Qualifying Dealer Hand:

In Caribbean Stud Poker if the dealer gets a hand similar to this hand (no Ace/King) then the dealer does not qualify and regardless of the players hand the payout is 1:1.

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