Caribbean Stud Poker is one of the most exciting casino games around

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Caribbean Poker Online

The online casino industry has done a great job of faithfully recreating our favorite casino games for our enjoyment. Caribbean Stud Poker is no different. Most if not all online casinos like and offer Progressive Caribbean Stud Poker that can be played from the comfort of your home.

How does online Caribbean Stud Poker differ from the game in a land based casino? Well there are very few differences and some of those differences are actually and advantage to the player.

The first major difference is that you are playing from your home. There is no need to venture out to your local casino, or if you are not lucky enough to have a local casino then you don't have to travel a great distance to play. depending on the situation this could be a good thing.

A second major difference is the fact that when playing online Caribbean Stud Poker you get to view your cards in your hand during the entire game. This is certainly a good thing especially when you are learning the game.

The last major difference between online Caribbean Stud Poker and casino based is that you will likely be playing alone against the dealer, this makes determining whether you should fold or raise easier.

Although the games are for the most part the same whether in a casino or online the atmosphere will be different. For most people this isn't a problem and for many a trip to a casino just isn't possible. The important thing to realize is the online Caribbean Stud Poker is for all intensive purposes better than the land based casino version.

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