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Caribbean Stud Poker in Europe

If you like to play Caribbean Stud Poker and you will be visiting Europe or you discovered the game in a US casino and you want to play it at your local casino back home in Europe but can't seem to find the game don't worry it's there, it just has a different name.

In Europe Caribbean Stud Poker is known as 'Casino Five Card Stud Poker', 'Casino Jackpot Five Card Stud Poker' if it's a progressive version. Generally though asking for 'Casino Stud Poker' will get you to the table you want to be at.

The rules are for the most part the same in the US as they are in Europe with a few small changes when it comes to the wagering aspect of the game. For instance in the UK The maximum ante wager is 100 pounds and 200 pounds on the raise. All payouts are paid on the raise which means the maximum payout you could receive for a Royal Flush (50:1) is 10 000 pounds.

Another minor difference is the way the casino handles the Progressing Jackpot games. You will generally only find Jackpot games in larger casinos as they can network their casinos together to spread the risk around and generate a larger jackpot. Smaller casinos are unable to do this so are less likely to offer a Jackpot game.

Once you find a jackpot game, instead of placing a chip into a Progressive slot you simply place your chip in a Jackpot circle marked on the table in front of each player. The circle will be lit before play begins, the dealer will press a button for each player playing the jackpot to keep the circles lit. If the dealer fails to qualify then the non jackpot hands are gathered in and payoff are made. Jackpot hands are turned over so the dealer can determine if the jackpot has been won or not.

Other than the name change and these two small changes in the rules the games are the same and offer the players the same level of enjoyment.

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