Caribbean Stud Poker is one of the most exciting casino games around

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Caribbean Poker Strategy

Although Caribbean Stud Poker is a fairly easy game to learn there are some tips that will make the game fun and profitable when combined with some "luck".

The important thing to remember when playing Caribbean Stud Poker is that the game is essentially a slot machine with people and cards instead of a machine. The cards dealt cannot be changed so you are unable to change the outcome of the hand. You can however limit your exposure and cash in when the cards and lady luck favor you. Knowing how much money to bring to the table, where to sit at the table, knowing when to fold or raise and most all practicing patience will get you through the game and hopefully with some extra money in your pocket.

The hints below will help you in determining when to use the points above in the game. Using these hints below you will increase your chances at winning.

  1. You have to play the $1 Progressive side bet to win big at this game. Without the side bet it is exceedingly difficult to win a lot of money because of the odds of getting a big hand like a Royal Flush and having the dealer qualify at the same time.
  2. Don't waste your time trying to bluff. You cannot bluff an opponent who cannot fold. To many players will try and stay in the game with a poor hand for the simple fact that to fold means giving up your ante wager. Losing your ante is better than losing the ante and the raise. Why risk $15 to potentially save $5.
  3. You should raise a hand if it contains a pair or an Ace-King. The Ace-King combination should only be wagered on if your hand contains the dealer's up card. Otherwise you should fold the Ace-King.
  4. If during the course of playing Caribbean Stud Poker you receive a bonus hand (You did pay $1 side bet right?) let the dealer know when your turn at the showdown arrives. It is better to let them know and risk some dirty looks then having to complain should the dealer miss the fact that you qualified for the jackpot.
  5. Make sure that you play at a casino that has a Progressive Jackpot that is larger than $150 000. Anything lower than this means that given the odds it is not worth the risk of playing. It basically breaks down to the fact that the jackpot needs to be worth more than the odds of getting a Royal Flush.
  6. Most casinos will pay the player a four of a kind bonus. You get this bonus for simply getting a four of a kind during the deal. Some casino will pay $100 and others will pay $500. Try and play at the casinos that pay $500. A simple phone call to ask about this bonus will determine whether they get your business.
  7. Remember that the dealer's hand often does not qualify so do not be disappointed when you get a great hand and only get the ante paid at 1:1.
  8. The bankroll is possibly the most important thing you will bring to the table. If you bring the correct bankroll exercise good play and patience you can leave the table with your bankroll intact and some winnings to make you trip a memorable one.

For a $3 minimum table wager your bank roll will need to be at least $150.
For a $5 minimum table wager your bank roll will need to be at least $300.
For tables with a minimum wager of $10 or more you will need $500 to $1000 for a bankroll.

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